What’s the Best Job Interview Attire for Women?

The biggest factor that determines whether you will ace your job interview is whether or not you make a good first impression. The best way to make a first impression is to look as presentable and professional as possible.

Dressing for success is one of the best ways to gain the interviewer’s favor. And while the dress code may change depending on the type of company you’re interviewing with, it’s always a good idea to dress as conservatively as possible.

What does formal business attire look like for a woman? If you’re seeking out women’s clothing for your next Wall Street job interview, here are some tips and ideas to get you started so you can find the perfect job-winning outfit.

How to Wear Button-Downs

Button-down shirts are standard, common, and, for the most part, boring. But you can definitely play them up by playing with different material options.

You don’t need to stick with solid white or blue. A nice silk chiffon top will make a great impression over a white cami. You can even make them different colors (as long as they don’t contrast too much, otherwise your interviewer will find that unappealing).

The best part about button-downs is that you can experiment with them while still maintaining a professional, conservative look.

The Classic Blazer

There’s something about a classic navy blue blazer that really catches the eye. It’s one of the professional woman’s go-to outfits that can really strike a power pose in any business situation.

But the blazer doesn’t work alone. Pair it with a button-down, a blouse, or even a dress. It goes well with many professional options that can go good with just about anything.

Wear khaki pants or skirts with this outfit. You are fine to experiment with color here as well, if khaki isn’t your thing. A light grey or brown will look good too. Feel free to experiment with this look while using the navy blazer as your tool for making a great first impression.

How to Mix and Match

It’s totally okay to mix and match your colors when wearing a full suit. Khaki blazer with a matching skirt or dark-colored pants looks great, for example. Remember that dark colors often look dressier, so try dark-colored pants with lighter-colored blazers.

You don’t need to do anything more than the basic look to really make a good impression. A simple top that sports a little pop of color can go a long way.

What About Black?

Black often comes up in conversation about what colors to wear during a job interview. Black is seen in the business world as a very professional and refined look. But your black outfits must be high-quality.

If you’re thinking about wearing a black dress, make sure it goes down at least to the knees, and it can pair well with tights underneath. It’s best to stay away from patterns on your material no matter what. For example, you wouldn’t want to be wearing fishnets to your job interview.